Premature Ejaculation

A common symptom of sexual dysfunction in men. This is a male problem that occurs periodically in 15-20% of men. The boundaries between the norm and pathology of the timing of intercourse are not absolute and culturally determined.

Premature ejaculation occurs when, even with minimal sexual stimulation, ejaculation occurs early, and the partner does not have time to get pleasure, as a result of which tension and conflicts arise in communication with the partner.

Men experience a feeling of disappointment, disbelief in their strength. But there may be no motivation to see a specialist for a long time, and the disorder takes on a chronic shade. Men crowd out the problem, and women may lose interest in sex, and if a man begins to control himself, his ejaculation, then erectile dysfunction may gradually appear.

A large number of psychogenic causes of premature ejaculation can be identified: disturbing personality traits, rare sexual intercourse, selectivity, an atmosphere of haste, etc.

To exclude organic causes, it is necessary to study an ultrasound of the prostate, consult a urologist, a neurologist, and diagnose a personality.

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is also the most common male problem. About 25% of men have some degree of difficulty trying to control ejaculation. 35% of men report that they have an orgasm too early, and they would like to extend the time of intercourse. Today, there is no generally accepted definition of premature ejaculation. The borderline between norm and pathology is conditional and is determined, among other things, by cultural factors.

According to the well-established opinion, the sexual disorder should be considered cases in which, even with minimal stimulation, a man ejaculates immediately, and he is completely unable to control the ejaculation process, as a result of which the partner does not receive satisfaction, and mutual disappointment and dissatisfaction arise.

The diagnostic criteria for early ejaculation are simple:

  • Icon Tick Ejaculation occurs at the slightest sexual stimulation before the introduction of the penis, during or immediately after the introduction, as a result of which there are problems in communication with the partner.

  • Icon Tick Premature ejaculation is not associated with the action of any pharmacological drugs.

Due to the fact that men always experience orgasm, for a long time, even having signs of premature ejaculation, they may not seek help, although they experience tension and self-doubt. In such a situation, their partners suffer more, conflicts and mutual claims gradually accumulate.

Against this background, secondary sexual dysfunctions can occur in women - sexual coldness, sexual disgust, and anorgasmia. When a man realizes the problem, listens to the opinion or criticism of his partner, and begins to consciously control ejaculation, he becomes very anxious, tense, and distracted from sexual intercourse. As a result, problems with erection arise, intensifying the vicious circle gradually leading to the formation of an anxious expectation of failure syndrome.

If a man is able to control ejaculation and the time of sexual intercourse, then his self-esteem increases, he feels more confident and experiences more vivid experiences in sex.

Premature ejaculation can be caused psychologically by reasons - rare sexual intercourse, prolonged abstinence, with severe excitability in adolescence, anxiety, and fears during coitus associated with external factors, fear of not satisfying a partner, problems of marital relations.

Sometimes a man is just accustomed to specifically completing sexual intercourse faster, since the conditions of intimacy are unfavorable, or his partner herself wants to quickly finish this "unpleasant" process for her. In other situations, the partner can be extremely sexually attractive, be very active during intercourse, which causes the man to lose control, become overexcited and ejaculate too quickly.

Undoubtedly, one cannot discount the organic causes of premature ejaculation - diseases of the prostate gland, brain dysfunction, traumatic brain injury, perinatal pathology. If ejaculation is of a psychogenic nature, then it has its own distinctive features, which are determined during a sexological examination at an appointment with a sexologist or psychotherapist. During the examination, the neurological examination is important, the exclusion of an inflammatory urogenital process, including prostatitis, ultrasound of the prostate, psychodiagnostic, according to the indications of CT, MRI.


In some cases, premature ejaculation goes away by itself, without special treatment, you just have to stop using alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal drugs. After a short time, the man's ability to control ejaculation is restored.

Also, a regular condom is a good remedy. When using it, the sensitivity of the penis decreases, which means that the severity of sensations decreases, which prevents early ejaculation. Or you can use certain positions during the act, for example, when the man is lying on his back.

In treatment, psychotherapy methods are widely used. As a result, anxiety about the onset of premature ejaculation is reduced. A man, in the course of treatment, regains the ability to physically control stimulation.

There are many methods that can help men restore a normal sex life by increasing the duration of intercourse. But they are all very individual, so the doctor will recommend the necessary treatment in person.

In the event that the cause of the pathology is diseases of the genitourinary sphere, treatment is aimed at eliminating them.

In some cases, they resort to a surgical operation when circumcision of the foreskin is performed, the plastic of the frenum is performed, and microsurgical denervation of the penis is performed. All this leads to a decrease in the sensitivity of the head.

The advantage of surgical treatment of premature ejaculation is that it has a quick effect in the absence of any unwanted side effects. Be healthy!

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