Leukorrhea also spelled leucorrhoea is the medical name for normal vaginal discharge. It is generally thick and sticky and can be yellow or white but it doesn’t cause any pain, itching, irritation or burning.

It is very common condition in women of reproductive age. At first instance, when women experience vaginal discharge, embarrassing she feels and worried too as to why they are going through this problem. Though majority of the women think of it as a disease, it is a sign of just an infection usually.

It is normal to experience vaginal discharge few days before women first period, just before periods and during a sexual fantasy. Some amount of vaginal discharge is normal for vaginal lubrication.

What are the signs and symptoms?

Leukorrhea can be an uncomfortable condition for women due to these Symptoms:

  • Icon Tick Fish like smelly vaginal discharge

  • Icon Tick Cramps in lower abdomen

  • Icon Tick vulva soreness

  • Icon Tick pain while urinating

  • Icon Tick Headaches.

  • Icon Tick Itching sensation

  • Icon Tick Unusual discharge

  • Icon Tick Pain and bleeding during or after sex

Causes of Leukorrhea

Some common conditions that might result into leukorrhea include:

  • Icon Tick Unprotected sexual intercourse

  • Icon Tick Nutritional deficiency

  • Icon Tick Poor maintenance of hygiene in intimate areas

  • Icon Tick Fungal infections

  • Icon Tick Anemia

  • Icon Tick Diabetic

  • Icon Tick Hormonal imbalance

When to call a professional

Most women experience discharge during pregnancy, and there is nothing to be worried about it. It is necessary to consult the doctor if you have the following.

  • Icon Tick Copious (large quantity).

  • Icon Tick Heavy discharge.

  • Icon Tick Foul-smelling.

A further investigation is required if above symptoms appear as these are the sign of an infection.

In some cases, experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge then that can mean that the person should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

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